Who killed the ghost girl?

Dear The Sign Community,

Who do YOU think the murderer of the ghost girl is?

Were you right or wrong about your guess?
If you have finished the game already, tell us who you suspected first.
As always: no spoilers please!

Who killed the ghost girl?
  • Cedrik
  • Ciara
  • Phil
  • Yannic
  • Jonathan
  • Tessa
  • Prof Kruger
  • Quentin
  • Detective Strasser
  • Emilia
  • Ines
  • Henry Fontz
  • Norma
  • Wolf
  • Lea
  • Dad
  • Hans
  • Dr Leitner
  • Mom
  • Elke

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1 „Gefällt mir“

No spoilers, but I would have never guessed the murderer. Looking back, the were subtle clues, but more shocking revelation than either of the Seven games.

I only started to suspect the killer towards the end when they said something specific that made me stop for a bit, since it was a non-incident-related conversation. I thought about why they said that. It has to mean something, also it was about something that was also shown in some scares that happened, so as soon as they said it I had a thought and then I went like „Wait hold on! Now that I think back, if I think about this and this, this would totally make sense! That means they are it!“ it just blew my mind.