Your favorite character (Organ Party)

Dear The Sign Community,

We would love to find out who your favorite Organ Party character is!

Who is the coolest? Who did you like in particular? Who surprised you?

Please share your opinion!

Your favorite character (organ party)
  • Ruby
  • Ciara
  • Cedrik
  • Phil
  • Yannic
  • Jonathan
  • Wolf

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I can’t vote in this poll, but Ruby. Just because I’m not counting Wolf, the perpetual tech guru :stuck_out_tongue: Cedrik was such an asshole early on that I felt like it really have him no chance to have a redemption later in the story. Ciara was nice as comic relief, but didn’t really get any attachment to her character. Jonathan and Yannic were kind of just there and I didn’t really get a great idea of their characters for most of the story. Between her and Phil, Ruby had kind of a more assertive attitude coming into the study group and actually had a future set for herself. Phil did too, but he was more laid back.

personally my choice goes to Ciara. I’m not sure why, but from the first chapter, I always did everything to protect her, and I really liked that touching aspect that she brought to part. I would have liked to say this to the actress from Ciara, but impossible to find the young woman, but what can I say. is that highly the continuation! to see what will happen! thank you to you developers I have already done the first two parts of Seven, I am already waiting for the third part, and I can not wait to find Ciara and the whole team in their part of The ^^ Sign

It won’t let me vote but I’d have to say Cedrik. He was actually really sweet despite being as forward and blunt as he was. Thought him and Ciara were really cute together